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Each proposal is custom designed by our professionally trained solar team member factoring usage, shading, panel size, panel placement, and savings estimates

Why Go Solar?

Acts with Integrity

ZOI Solar provides honest assessments and will not mislead clients on potential outcomes. We will work with you through the process and long after to ensure all goals are met and sustained.

Developing Technologies

We are always working to improve our product and provide the best available solar technology available to our clients. ZOI has been working hard to implement new standards and practices to provide the most cost-efficient experience available to our customers.

In-House Installers

Many solar companies will outsource their installations to the cheapest contractors available. Here at ZOI, we employ experienced crews that know the in’s-and-out’s of our solar panels and are up-to-date with all of the newest innovations ZOI has to offer.

Local & Personable Service

Our clients are treated with the highest level of customer service and we work hard to go above and beyond to provide the best solar experience possible. Our offices are local to ensure a hands-on relationship from initial conversations, install and the years following to make sure your solar system remains working at peak performance.

Choose what's right for you

Our efficiency and know-how will help you find a flexible finance solution that meets your needs.

The Zoi Future


Our residential solar panels often cost a lot less than the energy from your current utilities so you can make a positive impact to the environment and your wallet.


Our commercial solar systems have many rewarding incentives for your business. Increase the value of your company, hedge against future rate increases, and utilize tax rebates.


ZOI Solar is on a mission to improve the environment for future generations by heavily investing our profits into research and development.

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