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At ZOI we lead the way in custom solar systems for residential and business applications.

ZOI works with top solar panel manufacturers. Our solar panels offer an Industry leading 25 + year factory warranty for residential, business and government applications.

We offer the best service in providing the latest technology and fast (ROI)
Return On Investment for each home and business owner.

ZOI Is proud to partner with you. Working together to give the best solar power.
Call ZOI and let us show you how you can start saving thousands of dollars by producing your own electricity.

We will show you how to maximize your benefits with the federal and state programs.
There is no cost or any obligation, we offer a free information service to inform you of the programs in your area using solar power.

We give all of our customers 100% satisfaction.

ZOI is a top residential solar company to provide residential owners the best in solar power from the sun.

Enjoy a system that will create electricity for your home and save money.

The Process

  • Consultation
  • Design & proposal
  • Financial approval and docs signed
  • Site survey and engineering
  • Contractor permits pulled from city & rebate forms filed
  • Installation of Solar system
  • Powering on solar system & final inspection

Creative Energy Solutions

ZOI is a top-quality company offering free estimate and superior service. Our dedication to our customers and willingness to go the extra mile is the foundation of our company.

Whether your solar project is residential, commercial we are the right team for the job.

All the energy in the earth’s reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas equal just 20 days of energy produced by the sun, but only 1% of that solar energy is used to generate power.

One year’s worth of solar energy on one acre of land in Texas equals the energy of 800+ barrels of oil. Texas has more solar energy potential than any other U.S. state.

Help us help you save money every month by using the sun's power for your home.

When we install solar panels on your roof, you now generating clean efficient electricity for your home year around. From your computer, lights, hot tub or brewing a pot of coffee, the energy comes straight from the sun.

Declare your independence from unpredictable electricity prices.

Lock in your own electricity rates for the lifetime of your home solar system.

Call us and let us show you how you can start saving your money or qualify now online

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